Live a Little, Take a Long Train Ride and Experience North Carolina Casinos


Live a Little, Take a Long Train Ride and Experience North Carolina Casinos

Whether it is your first visit to a casino or you are returning after a year-long absence, South Carolina is the perfect destination for casino travel. With many different options and amenities, casino travel in South Carolina can be just what you are looking for. From high rollers to weekend warriors, from casinos in Charlotte to those located in the mountains, South Carolina has something to offer everyone.

South Carolina is synonymous with casinos. When planning your next trip to the casino, consider staying at one of the quality casino hotels that are available. Enjoy the best of casino travel in style and comfort aboard a luxury casino yacht. Take advantage of the casino benefits and amenities offered by an on-site casino reception.

Enjoy the best of South Carolina’s luxurious casinos. Sail aboard a luxury casino yacht that offers spacious rooms, top of the line furnishings, gourmet meals, private entertainment systems and more. Explore the many attractions that are found on any given day at one of the local casinos. Relax on the deck while listening to live music played by live bands. Purchase alcoholic beverages and enjoy complimentary cocktails. If you prefer, simply sit back and relax in your room.

When you travel to a North Carolina casino, you are also taking advantage of some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. With miles of beautiful beaches and quiet inland lakes, North Carolina is one of the best holiday destinations for casino travel. Take a luxury cruise aboard one of the many fine ships that sail the coastal waters. You will be amazed by the lush scenery and historic landmarks. With casino holidays, you will also get to experience the authentic southern hospitality.

The thrill of playing casino games in style never fails to impress guests on casino ship trips. Spend a week or two playing slot machines, roulette, black jack and other slot games in full view of the casino. In fact, if you are staying aboard a ship on your way to a North Carolina casino, you can participate in live casino gaming. All-inclusive packages include all food and drink and casino tours.

Many North Carolina casinos offer luxurious accommodations in addition to spacious guest rooms. These include king-sized beds, crisp, white linens and private showers. A preferred choice for visitors who want the charm of southern living but don’t want to pay the high prices that accompany them, these casino hotels are the perfect solution. In addition to having state-of-the-art amenities, many provide additional services such as whirlpools, jetted water spas and heated swimming pools. They also offer a fantastic variety of fine cuisine, wine and fine spirits.

If you want to get away from it all, why not take a tour of the many historical sites around the area. You can see the former capital of Raleigh, built in the late 1800’s, and its surrounding areas including the Raleigh harbor. Other sites include the former Woolworth plantation, Fort Raleigh, the old Raleigh jail and old East Lake Street, among many others. When visiting any of these sites, be sure to check out the world-class, luxury accommodations that are available to guests. Most offer top-of-the-line security, excellent dining and quick shuttle rides to the main events. There are also many shops, restaurants and entertainment venues for after-game entertainment.

North Carolina offers more than just casinos. The state has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Visitors can take a horseback ride along historic trails, hike along the Biltmore Estate with its two golf courses or go bird watching at one of the state’s 16th century manor homes. No matter what your interests and hobbies are, North Carolina has something to offer you. So come and have some fun! It’s easy to find a North Carolina casino or any other kind of casino experience you have been dreaming about.